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Children-Friendly Acessible Hospital Signs


We recently completed this sign system for a Children’s Hospital using photo pictograms for both wayfinding and destination signs to create an accessible and children friendly environment. The system builds on our work with Lighthouse International in New York and features a tactile ledge which is easily located by sight-impaired users, and a new typeface developed by our studio to facilitate tactile reading. Both the sign system and typeface were featured in Roger Whitehouse’s keynote presentation to the International Conference on Universal Design in Kyoto in November.

2 replies on “Children-Friendly Acessible Hospital Signs”

Dear mr whitehouse
I ve recently studied your website and find it helpful.I m a master student,doing my final project almost for a proposal is titled designing children specilized signs and guiding factors in adult specialized environments.the whole idea is about designing some stuff,like signals,toys,games,flages and what ever is helpful,to help children find their way mostly when they are lost and underl so much stress.u may say it can be done by policemen or some other people,but as you know in crowded cities specially in3rd world countries it is always a risk at this.Therfore my aim is omiting human sources. By the way the project should be useful worldwide among children in any place you may imagine such as subways,mals,hospitals and ect.
I also saw some thing about Miscellaneous Accessibility Projects.I would love to write about your company and your research project on my research. Hence i would like have an interview with you. Please contact my email if you are intrested in,which i wish you would.
Sincelerly yours
Hanieh Tohidi

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