Dream Library “AlphaPets”


As part of the Dream Library Project, a series of mini-libraries for the New York Public School System, sponsored by McGraw-Hill and in association with Helpern Architects, we developed a series of animal forms created entirely out of typographic characters. These AlphaPets (we have about thirty to date) are designed to act as a learning stimulus for young schoolchildren and are intended to be installed on hanging ceiling baffles and other components within the library spaces: a low-cost solution for creating a stimulating learning environment. Designers Saki Tanaka and Millie Lin in our studio were responsible for most of these and for pretending that it was hard work.

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  1. Hello,
    As we begin a pedagogic exercice about typography in our high school here (Ihecs, Brussels, Belgium), we found your work to be one of the best using typography to make animal figures (with bembozoo.com).
    Could it be possible to view other examples of Alphapets, in order to show them to our students?
    Best regards,

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