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A Banner Year


“The Urban Forest Project presents the work of 185 celebrated (that’s nice) designers, artists, illustrators and photographers from 21 countries. Each banner uses the form of a tree, or a metaphor for the tree, to make a powerful visual statement. Together they create a forest of thought-provoking images at the crossroads or the World, one of the planet’s busiest, most energetic and emphatically urban intersections”.

So reads the official introduction to the Urban Forest banner project, just installed in and around Times square. We are proud to have been invited to design one of the banners. Our banner is located on the North side of 41st Street at 6th Avenue, facing directly onto Bryant Square, by coincidence in the same block as my old penthouse studio at 42nd and Broadway. We have also included three favorites by other designers, from top to bottom: Walker Art Center, Donna David, and Seymour Chwast.

Following their display in and around Times Square, during September and October, the banners will be recycled into tote bags and be sold at auction. You can find out where and how at the Urban Forest website, where you can also order some nifty tee-shirts.

One reply on “A Banner Year”

I will be in NYC from Wed – Sat. and will look for your banner at 41st and 6th. So happy that you have Ben working with you. I have admired your work in accessable graphics and enjoy this website, new to me this evening. I am in and out of NYC about twice a year, sometimes with clients, or to see dance; this trip to see the Fall Dance programs at City Center and Twyla Tharps new piece to Bob Dylan music. I now stay in Brooklyn with my neice and nephew near BAM. John will be in San Miguel de Allende where we now have a home (actually 2) Since neither of us have a webiste, you can look at the houses at # 11073 and 10919. I became a colorist after the children were raised, it was my native talent, so I marketed myself that way. I still do interior design, but my career only took off once I could focus my creative energies on design rather than the children, where it needed to be for many years.

I hope this email finds you, Helga and Ben all healthy and productive.


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