Usernames Are So 1996

I’m sure it’s happened to you at some point, you visit a website that you registered with, maybe your company’s healthcare provider, but you’ve totally forgotten your username and password. If you’re anything like me, you have a few usernames you’ve used over the years and a few passwords you might have used, but which… Continue reading Usernames Are So 1996

It Takes All Sorts

A participant, and a traditionally shaped New York City cop (I didn’t know there were any of these left), festooned with genuine good old-fashioned cop paraphernalia. Taken during today’s gay pride parade just along from our studio, at Fifth Avenue and 16th Street. Hillary Clinton got the biggest applause.

Congratulations, Jasmin.

Four years ago, a German high school graduate with no previous experience but with an avid passion for design knocked on our door looking for an internship for the Summer. Her prodigious talent was immediately apparent, and in the few months she was with us we were glad to be able to help a little… Continue reading Congratulations, Jasmin.

Central Park This Morning

An egret wading in the shallows with the historic Dakota apartment building on Central Park West reflected behind (oops, sorry, that’s not the Dakota, that’s the building immediately north of it). Taken during our morning walk to work today. I love New York.

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There’s a Solution to Every Problem

I bumped into this guy delivering fruit in Union Square today. The ultimate answer to the soggy cigar butt problem and a perfect no-fuss design solution.

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The Light Stuff

I seem to be on a street furniture bender this week, but in case you hadn’t noticed, there is still one genuine (not cutesy-poo pastiche) early Fifth Avenue lamp post standing alone, albeit overshadowed by an aggressive cobrahead, facing the Flatiron Building at 23rd Street and Broadway. This particular design dates from the early Twentieth… Continue reading The Light Stuff

To be Continued …

Being located in Times Square, it seems entirely appropriate that the newspaper convention of continuing the story on the next page should have been appropriated by the Department of Transportation in the context of regulatory signage.