The Big Push Off

As designers, I think we have a problem letting go. Designs become like children and we, as loving parents, can’t help but want to pack bagged lunches for the little tikes. On their way out the door, we follow along, cleaning unkempt kerning, spitting in our hankies to clean off the dirty for placement only images we had neglected to delete, and warning our little dears to stay away from Pantone chips they don’t recognize.

The issue worsens in the households of web designers, whose children never leave, and endlessly come home with problems such as letters from their teachers explaining that “your Div (Webspeak) doesn’t want to play with anybody in his class and even refuses to listen to !important (More webspeak) announcements”.

That’s where we come in. Whitehouse & Company has decided to launch a new website with as much fanfare as a new gas station. (well, we kind of forgot to get those flappy streamers, so let me rephrase that – with even less fanfare than a new gas station). The idea with this site is to have something up and running now, and then to perfect it later.

We want to create a forum for design and ideas and to talk to each other: to ask questions about life that, while seemingly unrelated, connect us all creatively. Design is not just about knowing the new features of Illustrator CS2, it’s about life, pop culture, the arts, politics, music, films, and occasionally tips on webdesign.

Design should be fun, Right?

As this is a work in progress, you might notice a few rough edges. That is to be expected. Parts of the website may not match and other parts may not work as intended. We apologize in advance for any discomfort this may cause.